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How to Select the Right Printer for Your Applications

Selecting the right bar code printer requires more than understanding basic printing requirements; it takes understanding the entire printing and labeling environment from data source through the life cycle of the label itself. There are many variables to account for, but by following a few basic steps, and asking the right questions, selecting the right printer can be a straightforward task.

You need to understand: · Printing location and environment; · Label requirements (end use); · Label environment (life cycle); · Throughput requirements; · Duty cycle and load requirements.

Understanding the Labeling Environment Look at where the label is to be printed and by whom. Will it be printed by a receptionist in an office, on a production line, in a laboratory, or in a yard or lot? Weber offers a range of Zebra-brand printers that meet labeling requirements for these environments and many more. For example, a metal casing may be required for industrial and warehouse settings while a smaller, more attractive, plastic-cased desktop model may be more appropriate for a reception area.

Investigating the printing location will usually provide good insight about what the label will be used for, how often labels will be printed, and what peak demand might be. This knowledge provides an opportunity to see if processes can improve.
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