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The first-ever benchmark report for natural products marketers\n\nResearch and insights from 411 marketing decision makers from small, medium and large natural products companies that will help you:\n\n• Support your annual budget rationale with real numbers based on industry standards\n• Write a more successful marketing plan informed by best practices for a company of your size in your category\n• Develop effective campaigns based on the experiences of hundreds of marketers facing similar challenges\n\nAccording to SPINS, the natural products industry grew 9% during the past year. What makes it so strong is that it’s made up of thousands of start-up, small, medium and large companies, all trying to provide consumers with healthy and environmentally-friendly products.\n\nBut how do these companies market their products? What marketing works for them? What do they share in common?\n\nPure Branding, in association with SPINS, has created the first-ever marketing benchmark for the natural products industry. It shows how companies of different sizes and categories are succeeding in their marketing efforts.\n\n116 charts and analytical commentary\n\nIn the Natural Products Marketing Benchmark Report 2011, you will get a 159-page study that shows:\n\n• The profile of the natural products marketing decision maker\n• How the industry defines natural products\n• How the industry feels about regulating the term “natural”\n• The major external and internal marketing challenges faced by companies\n• How the industry values market research\n• How marketers perceive their consumers\n• What channels natural products are sold in\n• How companies split their trade and consumer marketing budgets\n• The percent of marketing budget in relation to revenue\n• The most used and most effective marketing tactics\n• Which trade shows more companies go to\n• Special sections on social media and new product launches\n\nWords of Wisdom\n\n• In addition to the charts and analysis, at the end of the report, marketing decision makers offer their individual advice (unedited) — words of wisdom from your peers all designed to help your marketing efforts.\n\nDownload a Free Excerpt\n\nTo give you an idea of the scope and depth of this report, we’re making available an excerpt that includes:\n\n• The introduction\n• Full table of contents\n• A partial executive summary\n• Selected pages with charts and analysis from the report\n
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