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Packaging Digest Magazine – Speed to Market Article DATE Published: October 2011 Issue

Moving Downstream Intelligence Upstream Designing with the end-in-mind reduces production bottlenecks, speeds time-to-shelf and disrupts the market in the process.

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In today’s crowded markets, differentiation is increasingly important to stand out and get noticed. When a retail product has a proprietary formulation (i.e. Coke) or patented design feature like Swifter, it’s much easier to capture market share, and in some cases, create a whole new category. This form of intellectual property not only gives brands an edge in the market, it creates a barrier for me too products and in some cases with a design or utility patent or trademark.

But there are plenty of everyday retail products on the market without patents, ubiquitous products that have become commodities like toilet paper, dish soap, or even snack foods. However, manufacturers have been reluctant to invest marketing dollars in everyday items that are considered value driven commodity products (unless of course the products are well-known brands).
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