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New ITW Muller OctoMAX™ System Helps Customers Reduce Total Systems Costs

Arlington Heights, IL (March 22, 2011) – ITW Muller, a leading manufacturer of both innovative stretch wrap equipment and high quality stretch wrap film, introduces its OctoMAX™ system to help brick and paver manufacturers increase productivity and decrease costs. Available as an enhancement to the ITW Muller Octopus line of new stretch wrap equipment or as a retrofit to most existing machines, OctoMAX utilizes proprietary hardware and software to monitor and measure equipment and film effectiveness. The system not only enables customers to maximize the performance of their machine by making sure the optimal settings, pre-stretch gears, number of wraps and amount of film, are set at all times, it can also maximize savings by monitoring the performance of their film. Ultimately, that means customers can meet both growing costs constraints and sustainability goals by reducing waste and downtime.

“From unnecessary increases in wraps on a pallet to misguided switches in pre-stretch gears on the machine, we've seen customers lose tens of thousands of dollars and waste thousands of pounds of film,” says Dan Schmidt, Business Development Manager at ITW Muller. “OctoMAX acts as an insurance system safeguarding our customers' money and the environment.”

The system provides real-time simple and actionable information. If something goes wrong with either the machine or film, the system is connected through the internet and will immediately notify the user via e-mail. The information is also available on the enhanced operator interface or HMI display. Users can visit their personal online portal to view historical data and download reports.

“Knowing what's happening and how to improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is critical to reducing total systems costs,” says Schmidt. “In fact, with OctoMAX, some customers have seen savings up to 20%.”
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