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Emmeti S.p.A. Leading the industry with the most technologically advanced factory automation equipment, while obtaining energy reduction through motor efficiency 1 motors. The result: Lower power consumption, improved line efficiency, and decreased energy consumption, with up to 30% power reduction.

State College, PA, August 3, 2011: Beth Zarnick-Duffy, Sales Manager of Emmeti USA, says, “Industry in the USA accounts for approximately 1/3 of the total global energy that is consumed. Emmeti has identified opportunities for electrical energy savings through Energy Efficiency 1 motors and we are implementing these motors on our factory automation equipment. Emmeti believes these motors will be the standard in the USA, in the near future, and we are ahead of the curve. Energy efficient motors can initially cost slightly more than other motors, however the reduction in energy usage and the more efficient use of energy is in the bottom line: annual operating costs quickly reflect a payback on the initial investment.”

Emmeti has been designing and manufacturing factory automation equipment since 1979, with a worldwide reputation as a supplier of reliable, technologically advanced container and package handling systems for glass, plastic and metal containers, as well as cartons, cases, trays and other packages. Our wide range of factory automation systems include: Case - bulk palletizers/depalletizers, case formers, case packers, partition inserters, case sealers, pallet labelers, shuttle cars, AGV systems, conveyors, elevators, lowerators, and a host of other equipment that allows Emmeti to offer turnkey solutions for your line.

Emmeti offers a simple explanation of how they are reducing energy cost through motor efficiency 1, with up to 30% power reduction. Simply put Emmeti is incorporating motors that consume less power. An E1 motor at 1.5 KW can move one case, or 10 cases. When performing the operation the motor will begin by exerting 1.5 kw, and will increase KW usage only as necessary. The power exerted by the motor will recalculate itself according to what is required to do the work.

Emmeti S.p.A.’s Bottling Operations Manager, Paolo Biondi, offers an example of reduced energy consumption: “If a bottling line has a consumption of 300 KW per hour, and the usage is reduced to 200 KW per hour due to reduced energy consumption from the E1 motors, the energy savings is 30%. “ This is a significant reduction in energy usage.
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