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Allstate Can Corporation.  Allstate Can, U.S. manufacturer of Decorative Tins, Coffee Cans, Custom Tins, Ink Cans, Mint Tins, Seamless Tins, Military Cans, Industrial Cans, Candle Tins, & Quality Metal Packaging
4 oz Two-piece Flat Metal Tins - small flat seamless 4 oz seamless flat metal tin cans with metal covers are packed in cartons with covers on.
8 oz Two-Piece Flat Metal Tins - medium flat seamless 8 oz medium seamless flat metal tin cans with metal covers. Cans and covers packed separately. Price shown is for 672 cans and covers
Biodegradable Products Institute, Inc  The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) is a professional association of key individuals and groups from government, industry and academia, which promotes the use, and recycling of biodegradable polymeric materials...
Composting as a Waste Management Solution Composting is a growing solution to solid waste management. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the amount of waste that has been...
Busse Hospital Disposables  At Busse Hospital Disposables, our goal has always been to manufacture the highest quality products to exacting customer standards. Because today's health care environment is more demanding than ever, these same...
Fecal Container Fecal Container
Clinicare (India) Pvt. Ltd.  Clinicare (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a privately held professionally managed company, a part of the diversified Shah Group of Companies having businesses in various fields and operating in India and globally over 25 years....
Waste Disposal & Sharp Disposal Containers Waste Disposal & Sharp Disposal Containers
Air Sea Containers  Specialized in Hazmat Packaging. We’re a family owned operation, in business for over 25 years. This is your one stop shop for all of your Hazmat / Dangerous Goods shipping needs.
Infectious & Diagnostic Packaging Air Sea Containers, Inc. has an assortment of products to ship infectious substances. These containers are made of high density polyethylene and meet all...
Engineered Components & Packaging, LLC  Stock trays, plastic trays, anti-static trays, molded pulp trays, foam trays, conductive trays, and custom engineered trays.
C.L. Smith  Founded in 1975 by Clarence L. Smith, C.L. Smith is a privately held, family-owned company with one simple mission: We Exist for Our Customers. We manufacture custom and stock bottles in various resins; designs, test and...
Brand Family NACD Silver Award: Shrink Sleeve, Contour Shape, and Multiple Closures, PET and HDPE
Oracle Packaging  Quality flexible packaging laminates and converter aluminum foil for performance lidding & pouches, healthcare, food & beverage, specialty and industrial.
Converter Aluminum Foil Converter aluminum foil utilized by packaging converters world-wide for use within the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, specialty and industrial markets.
Healthcare Packaging Performance Lidstock/Pouchstock laminates
ARCA Automation  We provide high quality pressure sensitive labeling machinery from simple label applicators to print & apply and complete systems. Also be sure to see our innovative and environmentally friend Linerless Print and Apply...
AIR 380 mm 15" ø label reel holder with motorized pre-unwinder.4 solenoid valves with a capacity of 800 liters/minute each, featuring independent blowing and...
AS CARDBOARDS The system is suitable for both jointed or still expanded cartons and is also available in a version for Labeling credit cards, telephone cards and garment...
Diamond Flexible Packaging  Custom flexible product packaging leader specializing in stand up, pre-made pouches and custom bags. Sliders, side gusseted, press to close, side gusseted quad seal, non-resealable and more.
SaucePM  A independent multi-disciplinary packaging and print consultancy operating globally based in the UK

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Steel Cans: America's Most Recycled Packaging
Allstate Can Corporation.
Each recycled can substantially reduces the environmental footprint of the next can, and recycled cans are back on the shelf in as little as 60 days. Americans could save more than $3 billion worth of energy each year by recycling cans. Steel Cans America's Most Recycled Package By Leslie Wing The most recycled material—steel—reached a record high of 88 percent in 2010 according to data from ...
Automotive Packaging: HDPE Clamshell Case Study
Engineered Components & Packaging, LLC
Automotive Packaging: HDPE Clamshell Case Study Corrugated to Thin Gauge Plastic Customer: Large Tier 1 Automotive Supplier shipping large parts into production and service. Starting Point = Corrugated Insert: Parts were packaged in corrugated boxes held together by corrugated inserts. The inserts had to be assembled and this operation required two full time operators. The inserts would be ...
High Heat Trays/ Polycarbonate Trays Case Study
Engineered Components & Packaging, LLC
Typical PVC or HIPS trays have a heat deflection temperature of 165 degrees. A medical lab required a high heat tray. The solution we offer is a polycarbonate tray formed on a standard mold. No tooling was required by the customer. The polycarbonate material is stocked and 100's of cavity sizes are available.
Optics Trays/Thermoformed Lens Trays Case Study
Engineered Components & Packaging, LLC
Lenses come in all shapes and sizes. Packaging trays often require custom cavities to hold the lens tightly while protecting the optical surfaces. This is done by creating a pocket which includes clearance around optical surfaces and contacting lens in very specific locations. Finger or tweezer clearance is built in along with a matching lid.
Plastic Kitting Tray for Lean Environment Case Study
Engineered Components & Packaging, LLC
Plastic Kitting Tray for Lean Environment Case Study Heavy Gauge Natural HDPE Customer: Transportation Industry. This product line has high safety standards where mistakes have a high cost. Starting Point: Parts were picked at the beginning of the process and placed in a bin. Potential problems included part shortages for some items, and missing components during assembly. Solution = Kitting ...

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Langguth: Pail Mono block Denesting and Labeling System LANGGUTH AMERICA Ltd. Langguth America presents the Pail Mono block Denesting and Labeling System
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