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Company Address 975 Third St SW
Crosby, Minnesota 56441
United States
218-546-2252 (Fax)

Sales - General Theresa Lashyro

Sales - General Mike Bodle

Sales - General John Davis

Technical support Lee Seamans

Customer Service Ann Thielen

Customer Service Parts Sales

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Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

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Cosmetic Packaging Research Library

Best Practices for Promotional Item Placement In Pkg.
Graphic Packaging International, Inc.
As a consumer, have you ever opened a new CD to have it fall out of the package, together with splinters of plastic? As a packager, has your product ever been misaligned in its container, causing you to scrap the package altogether? As a packager, has Marketing requested a promotional item be incorporated in the final packaged product that is challenging to handle? Or, worse yet, have you heard ...

Cosmetic Packaging Marketing Documents

Advancing Cam Rotary brochure
Automated Doming Machines brochure
Beverage Crate Cover Machine brochure
Card Carrier Assembly Machine brochure
Carton Former / Sealer brochure
Clamshell Labeling System brochure
Clamshell Renesting brochure
Continuous Motion Hang Tag Applicator brochure
ElastiTag® Applicator brochure (English version)
ElastiTag® Applicator brochure (Spanish version)
FlexPlace™ brochure
Flexsleeve™ brochure
Intermittent Motion Hang Tag Applicator brochure
Miniature Reciprocating Placer brochure
Reciprocating Placer brochure
Rotary Placer brochure
Secondary Motion (Deep Draw) Rotary brochure
Servo Driven Rotary Placer brochure
Servo Reciprocating Placer brochure
Tray Venting System brochure

Cosmetic Packaging Video

Tite-Pak Graphic Packaging International, Inc.
Sleeve Multi-Tub Graphic Packaging International, Inc.
Cosmetic Packaging Graphic Packaging International, Inc. Packaging

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