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Pre-Made Bag Fill/Seal Machines, Semi-Automatic Research Library

ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc.
Pouch Packaging Design Trends & Technologies In marketplace today a “good package design” must differentiate from the masses on the retail shelf, stimulate sales volume of flat or mature product growth categories and leave the consumer with a positive “use” experience. It has been said that “the package is the silent salesperson” sitting next to the competition and it must not only get the busy ...
Flexible Insights-Tipping POINTS
ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc.
I W BY DENNIS CALAMUSA, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR F I or the flexible packaging market industry has been impacted a proliferation of to continue to prosper, it will be to date, and how it may be convenience stores, super important for our industry to have dramatically influenced in the markets, super centers and a constant outlook toward emerging future by some new and club store outlets. trends and ...
ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc. .php?s=FL/2006/08&p=9 Stick-Pack Shakes Up Product Innovation And Drives Flexible Packaging Sales By Dennis Calamusa, Contributing Editor Have you noticed that there is a new “slender” pouch format beginning to make dramatic inroads in the North American market? That new package is the exciting Stick-Pack format which is being adopted by both small and ...
FLEXIBLE INSIGHTS "Discovering Frozen Assets"
ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc.
FLP 12-13 Viewpoint 5.06 5/23/06 3:01 PM Page 12 ■ BY DENNIS CALAMUSA, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Have you noticed lately that the frozen food category is starting to re-invent itself through the use of new and innovative flexible packag- ing? Over the years, we have not typi- cally thought of the frozen food cate- gory as particularly innovative. However, since many modern freezer cases today have ...
Promoting Flexible Packaging is an On-Going Priority
ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc.
Have you noticed lately that flexible packaging is driving change. base, but directly to the consumer who producers of traditional And this change is improving all can have the greatest impact on the packaging have methods of packaging as growth and use of flexible packaging. become a little more marketers see the way it is In our effort to reach out more defensive through the increased promotion ...

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Pre-Made Bag Fill/Seal Machines, Semi-Automatic ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc. Company

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Pre-Made Bag Fill/Seal Machines, Semi-Automatic ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc. Packaging
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