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Does Your Company Have the DNA to Become an Innovation Superstar?
Product Ventures
When considering the most innovative companies, you'll notice that they have at least these three things in common: 1 A consistent champion close to, if not at, the top of the organization who is dedicated to building an innovation culture (think P&G or Apple); 2 A singularly purposed innova- tion group, liberated from the mundane details and daily bureaucracy of the typical workday; and 3 A ...
Consumer Megatrends and Packaging Implications
Berlin Packaging
Successful product development, marketing, and selling starts with the consumer. What do they want? What do they need? What are their motivations? What are their aspirations? Across the consumer base, these dynamics can be manifested in trends. Companies that spot and respond to trends improve their odds of success in the marketplace. The better that a product or service aligns with one or more ...
New Strategies for Financial Strength
In the recent Duke/CFO Business Outlook survey, 30 percent of the 937 CFOs polled believed that borrowing has become more difficult than the previous year. APQC has found that member organizations are holding tight to cash, and developing working capital as a source of organizational funding. In April 2010, APQC’s Financial Management Research Team, in partnership with Ariba Inc., conducted a ...

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