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WeatherChem Corporation
Today, contract packaging makes a $20 billion statement in the marketplace. And it punctuates that statement with a 10 percent growth rate. “The use of contract manufacturing and packaging services is surging, and the brakes will not be applied anytime soon,” declared Jim George, editor in chief of Contract Packaging magazine. “Many large and small consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies plan to ...
How To Select A Contract Packager
Aaron Thomas Company, Inc.
Read a guide that provides tips, tricks and tactics for locating, sourcing and selecting a contract packager. Knowing your packaging needs and as well as the advantages of outsourcing those needs can simplify the selection process, making it easier to properly implement a packaging strategy.
A Script for Selling Serialization Within Your Company
Everyone knows it is time to bring the flexible, intelligent business tool of serialization to the forefront. But how do you sell the idea successfully within your own organization? Here is one scenario for how you can cut to the chase and get your company moving toward serialization at all levels. A little bit of tough talk never hurts. Read on for more...
Improving Outcomes and Accelerating Growth--2015 is a Footnote
With $50-70 billion worth of U.S. drug sales at risk due to loss of market exclusivity by blockbuster strategic brands, as pipelines dwindle, and as government and commercial payers drive down costs through generic utilization, enormous costs are at stake. Instead of trying to squeeze business value out of mandated serialization and track-and-trace regulations, how can we drive business benefits ...
Track and Trace in China

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Allstate Can CorporationMakes Steel Cans Allstate Can Corporation.
AIRmove by STOROpack Storopack

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